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Welcome to Neptune Class - Year 6


Neptune Class is taught by Mrs Keane.  The teaching assistant is Mrs Evans

Year 6 go to Cornwall for 4 nights in the Summer Term.

Topic news:

During terms 3 and 4 we will focus our learning missions around investigating aspects of the Ancient Greeks.  As a warm-up, the children will have a chance to direct their own mission/s with this exciting home learning challenge:

 Year 6 Ancient Greece Home Learning Challenges

Can you WOW us with your independent learning?  Are you ready to rise to the challenge?  Your challenge is to complete 1 or more of these activities over the festive period. 

  • ŸChoose a Greek Myth.  Create your own storyboard of the myth using illustrations and captions.
  • ŸResearch the Ancient Olympics: Why did the Greeks hold the Olympic Games?
  • What events took place in the Olympic Games and who took part? What are the main similarities and differences between the Olympic Games then and now?
  • ŸFind the names of 3-5 Greek inventors/philosophers/mathematicians. Research what they did and present your work as a poster.
  • ŸCreate a Greek gods fact file.
  • ŸThe myths and legends of ancient Greece include various strange creatures and monsters partly based on real animals that existed. Invent your own monster/mythical beast – draw it and write a detailed description of it.
  • ŸMake a replica of a Greek pot or plate.
  • ŸPrepare an illustrated talk/presentation for the class on Greek clothes, buildings, transport, food or theatre.

You have some time to complete the challenges so please ensure you produce your best work.

Hand-in: Friday January 6th 2017

El Dorado - The Lost City of Gold

Year 6 have begun the year as writers and film makers with this exciting and engaging topic.  

Most of the filming has now been done and the groups will spend the remaining time working on editing and the final production of their movies.

Watch out for exciting news about our very own film premiere in Term 3!