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As part of the National Primary School Premium for Sport and PE we have received extra funding to help us provide a varied and exciting PE and Sports curriculum at Shaw School. This process began in September 2013 and enabled us to employ a specialist PE teacher, Mrs Draper, to work with children, Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Year 1 to Year 6.


Since September 2013 Mrs Draper has planned and taught a range of sports and activities with each class in Year 1 to 6 every week. In addition to familiar and popular sports such as Football, Rugby and Netball, at Shaw school we extend children's experience of sport and provide opportunities for children to engage activities such as Hockey, Handball and Orienteering. We have used the PE grant to purchase many new resources and equipment for teachers and children to use in PE sessions and at lunchtimes. We continue to look for ways to improve our PE and Sport provision and provide children with a rich and varied PE curriculum.

At Shaw school we provide opportunities for children to take part in a variety of after school clubs throughout the year. Zumba, Hip hop and dance classes are run from our school hall on Wednesdays. Mrs Draper also runs an after school Sports club on Monday for KS2 children.

Shaw school is part of a Melksham cluster of schools that organise and participate in a variety of sporting activities throughout the year. Children are selected to work as part of a team and represent the school at local sport tournaments and events.

In Year 6, children support and lead younger children to have active lunchtimes through our Young Leaders programme. Young leaders are chosen as role models for their attitudes towards sport to encourage other children to participate in active lunchtimes. The Young Leaders are trained as a team over a number of weeks in Year 5 and have termly meetings throughout Year 6 to monitor the progress of children's participation and attitudes towards sports activities at lunchtime. The Young Leaders make their own decisions about the space they work in, what activities they run and the equipment they use. We promote the Young Leaders scheme at Shaw because it benefits all of our children by increasing their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. It also supports the teaching of the life-long skills of communication, responsibility, organisation, safety and co-operation.

For further information about the clubs that we run please phone our school.

For further information about some of the schemes Shaw School are part of please click on the links below...


School Games

To demonstrate the impact on our children's participation and attainment in PE, this is what our children say.......

"I love PE at school because we try out new sports each term, so we find out what we like". - Year 6 pupil

"We're now having more fun in PE".- Year 3 pupil

"When we get PE partners, we help each other to improve our skills. We also make new friends". - Year 3 pupil

"We have more equipment now and we are doing more sports". - Year 3 pupil

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