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Growing Music

Year 5 and 6 took part in an exciting project called Growing Music. This project has been funded by The Primary Science Teaching Trust. We are able to access this funding because of Mrs Sampey's status as Primary Science Teacher of the year. Organised by Mrs Sampey in conjunction with Womad, the project involved observing and recording the growth of bamboo and discovering its many uses as a material including its potential for making music. Mauricio Velasierra, a musician from Columbia, worked with the children to make pan-pipes from bamboo. He then taught them how to play the pipes and, together, they performed their music for the school. Watch their performance by clicking the links below...



This is all a part of our vision to make Shaw School a center of excellence for Science teaching and support other schools to have as much fun with Science as we do!

TEacher assessment in primary science project

Over the last two years, we at Shaw have been involved in a very exciting national project looking at ways of assessing children's learning in Science.

This link will show you what this is all about. Look particularly at the downloadable the TAPS booklet - Shaw School features on several pages!


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