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Emergency Closure procedure


Arrangements for snow or other emergency closure.

With talk of snow in the forecast, I thought it a good idea to remind you of our procedures.  Most of our staff and many children live a car journey away from the School, so this is always factored in to any decision to close.  It is entirely possible to foresee a situation where many children would be able to walk to school, but that insufficient staff are able to make it to school.

If the school is to close early or not open at all, messages will be sent by text message and a message placed here on the website. We may also use the BBC radio service, but it has proved difficult to get through to this in the past so we are now relying on text messages as our main means of communication in these cases. If you are not part of the school text messaging service, please either sign up now or make arrangements for another parent who is to let you know of any messages.  Any decision to close will be made as early as practical in the morning.

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